Del Alamo/Hogan Symposium on Business Ethics.

The annual Pamplin Business Ethics Symposium was started in the 1990-1991 academic year and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015. The purpose of the Symposium is to focus the attention of students, faculty, and the wider university community on ethical issues in business and society.

In 2009 we began coordinating this event with other departments on campus that also sponsored ethics-oriented events to hold these activities during the same week, which came to be known as “Ethics Week.” During this week we encourage faculty around the university to incorporate some discussion of ethics into their classes.

The symposium is sponsored by the Business Leadership Center, the Department of Management and by Pamplin accounting alumni Robert F. Hogan Jr., who earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting in 1978 and 1980, respectively, and Jorge Del Alamo Jr., who earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1969, and his wife Lin.

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    Ethics Symposium Speakers

    2018-2019 “Ethics as a Business Imperative” Dr. Leo S. Makay, Jr., Senior Vice President, Ethics and Enterprise Assurance, Lockheed Martin
    2017-2018 “Truth-Seeking in an Age of Tibalism: Lessons from the Flint Water Crisis and its Aftermath” Dr. Marc Edwards, Charles P. Lunsford Professor, Virginia Tech.
    2016-2017 “Leading with Integrity,” Bill O’Rourke, Retired Alcoa executive. The video of Mr. O’Rourke’s talk can be found on-line.
    2015-2016 “Fraud, Lies, and Hermes Ties,” Aaron Beam, Founder and first CFO of HealthSouth
    2014-2015 “Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility: The Ethical Responsibility of Business in Social Change,”  Tom Clarke, CEO of Kissito Healthcare. The video of Mr. Clarke’s talk can be found on-line.
    2013-2014 Mark Whitacre, Whistle-blower, former felon, Archer Daniels Midland
    2012-2013 Doug Wagoner, Senior Vice-President, SAIC
    2011-2012 “Parking lines to Ponzi Schemes: The Ethical Spectrum,”  Brigadier General Jack Grubbs (Ret). The video of General Grubbs’s talk can be found on-line.
    2010-2011 “Ethical Leadership: The Power of One,” Jack Radke, Attorney, Cohen & Grigsby, P.C.
    2009-2010 “Ethics R U: Finding Your Moral Compass,” CE Andrews, president of RSM McGladrey
    2008-2009 “From Prominence to Prison: Why Smart People Do Dumb Things”   Patrick Kuhse, Ethics Fellow at the University of Florida and Suffolk University
    2007-2008 “The Cheating Culture,” David Callahan, author
    2006-2007 cancelled
    2005-2006 “Leadership and Ethics Lessons from Katrina,” Jeff Senior, Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Clint Bruce, former Navy SEAL
    2004-2005 “Tyco” Restoring Trust in the Corporate World & Related Lessons Learned,” Eric Pillmore, Tyco’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Governance & former CFO of Multilink & CFO of General Instrument
    2003-2004 “Confessions of an Enron Executive,” Lynn Brewer, author and former Enron executive
    2002-2003 “The Crisis in Business Ethics,” Eugene Fife, Retired Chairman, Goldman Sachs International

    • Patricia Werhane, University of Virginia, “Why Do Good People Do Bad Things”
    • Brian Mihalik, Virginia Tech, “Ethics in Hospitality & Tourism Management”
    • Eugene Fife, “Reflections on the Crisis in Business Ethics”
    • Earving Blythe, Vice President for Information Technology, Virginia Tech, “Innovations in Technology & Their Impact on Our Expectations for Privacy & Ownership”
    • Elizabeth Murphy, Chief, Office of Rule Making, Division of Corporate Finance, Securities & Exchange Commission, “Enhancing Corporate Financial Responsibility”
    • Ken Hunter, President, Council of Better Business Bureaus in the U.S., “Ethics in Marketing”
    • Shirley Edwards, Partner, Ernst & Young, “Professional Ethics: It Does Make A Difference”
    2001-2002 “The Ethical Challenges of Leadership,” Joanne Ciulla, Jepson School of Leadership Studies, University of Richmond
    2000-2001 “Cloning of Humans & Animals: Ethical Implications,” David Moore, Assistant Vice Provost for Research Compliance, Virginia Tech
    1999-2000 “No Place to Run, No Place to Hide: New Business Rules Emerge from the Sweatshop Debates,” Nick Didow, University of North Carolina
    1998-1999 “Ethical Leadership in a Newly Competitive Media Environment,” Walter Rugaber, Publisher, Roanoke Times
    1997-1998 “The Ethical Responsibility of Business,” Ralph Nader, author
    1996-1997 “Leadership and the Ethics of Power,” Joanne Ciulla, University of Richmond
    1995-1996 “Values in Tension: Business Ethics Away From Home,” Tom Donaldson, Georgetown University
    1994-1995 “The Moral Dimension,” Amitai Etzioni, George Washington University
    1993-1994 “Untying the Economy-Ecology Knot: Are We Pulling the Wrong Strings?,” William Frederick, University of Pittsburgh
    1992-1993 “Corporate Social Responsibility in Japan and the U.S.,” James Fallows, Washington Editor, The Atlantic Monthly
    1991-1992 “Is There Any Room for Ethics in Business?,” Liam Fahey, Boston University
    1990-1991 “Ethics and Profits,” Norman Bowie, University of Minnesota
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