Academy Facilitators.

The 2019-2020 Facilitators haven’t been announced yet. However, they will be similar to our 2018-2019 facilitators.

2018-2019 Facilitators

We are pleased to have the following faculty and business leaders serving as our 2018-2019 facilitators.




Dr. Kimberly Carlson – Management Department

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.
-Chinese Proverb credited to Chinese Confucian philosopher Xunzi (312-230 BC)

For me, to be involved means to interact with ideas, work with them in various ways, and learn how they can be applied in the real world. When I see a student not only learning content from my courses but also analyzing it, deconstructing it, and putting it together in new ways that can be applied to situations outside of the classroom, I feel that I’ve helped that student to become a better person now and in the future.

From my work with students studying abroad, to consulting with organizations, to teaching in formal and informal settings, I infuse this learning philosophy in everything that I do. I look forward to helping you become involved in developing your leadership skills through the Pamplin Leadership Academy.

Learn more about my education and experience on the Management Department’s website.

Dr. Carlson is the coordinator of the Pamplin Leadership Academy and will be involved throughout the certificate program.




Dr. Lisa Fournier – Management Department

Fournier, LisaI believe each of us has an entrepreneurial spirit. This entrepreneurial spirit encourages our adaptability and resiliency, and needs to be manifested whether starting a business, becoming a creative problem-solver, or finding ways to impact the community. With over 25 years of entrepreneurship and leadership experience, I help people develop their hidden leadership talents. I am excited about joining you on your journey with Pamplin Leadership Academy!Learn more about Dr. Fournier’s extensive experience here.Dr. Fournier will be with us each of the four on-campus seminar days, as well as our NRV day trip in March, to help facilitate our service learning project.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
–John Quincy Adams




Mr. Joel McPhee – Bank of America

For over 20 years Joel McPhee has been at the epicenter of the most pressing issues facing large, complex organizations.  He is currently the Risk Executive for the Enterprise Scenario Planning and Execution Division at Bank of America Corporation.  In his role Mr. McPhee leads formal risk management efforts in helping to ensure the bank meets its obligations for the Federal Government’s Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and Global Resolution and Recovery (GRRP) requirements.  A former Senior Executive at Wells Fargo, Inc., Mr. McPhee held critical assignments including Chief Risk Officer for the company’s Operations and Technology division, as well as heading its Global Delivery Center.Mr. McPhee is also a first time Author.  In his debut book, Mastering Strategic Risk: A Framework for Leading and Transforming Organizations (John Wiley & Sons), he provides a new governance model detailing how to effectively lead organizations through these challenging times.   Mr. McPhee, who is also an Attorney, co-authored the article “Why Government Regulators Need Corporate Boot Camp” for The Washington Post. He is a sought-after industry expert.Mr. McPhee will be with us each of the four on-campus seminar days. He will facilitate a variety of workshops: Innovative Thinking – Why does it matter in Organizations?; Strategic Thinking and Leadership; Risk Management; and Leading in a Global World. We will use his book, Mastering Strategic Risk as the foundation for our workshops, and we’ll apply our learning to the service learning project with Good Company Cafe. He will also co-faciliate some panel sessions during our day trip to Charlotte in October.




Dr. Megan Seibel – VALOR

Megan SeibelMegan Seibel is serving as Virginia Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry focusing on agricultural leadership and capacity building. She most recently served as the director of the Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR) Program at Virginia Tech, which is dedicated to developing leaders for the Commonwealth’s largest industry. As an Extension Specialist, she offered experiential program content around leadership best practice in education, workplace, and grassroots organizational settings. She is also the Associate Director for the Center of Cooperative Problem Solving at Virginia Tech and an Associate Fellow of the Occupational Research Centre in the UK. In various work and voluntary roles, Megan strives to foster capacity building through efforts centered around decision making and leadership development that will poise Virginia communities to address complex issues facing agriculture and forestry industries moving forward in ways that consider holistic community wellness and sustainability.Dr. Seibel received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from James Madison University, her Master of Science in Career and Technical Education from Virginia Tech, and her Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Extension Education from Virginia Tech.Dr. Seibel will join us in September to facilitate a workshop on leading with strengths and KAI.




Ms. Brandi Quesenberry – Department of Communication

Brandi Quesenberry is a faculty meBrandiQuesenberrymber in the Department of Communication at Virginia Tech. Throughout her time at VT she has taught a variety of courses such as Public Speaking, Communication Skills, International Communication, and Professional Communication. She currently serves as the Director of Undergraduate Programs, as well as the Director of Public Speaking and CommLab. Her roles include training new graduate students to teach at the collegiate level and training undergraduate students to serve as peer speech coaches. Quesenberry enjoys working with students from various majors to enhance their communication skills as they pursue their academic and professional goals.

Ms. Quesenberry will be with us in November to practice professional communication skills.




Ms. Alicia Cohen – VT’s Office of Inclusion and Diversity

Alicia Cohen is the director of diversity programs in the office for inclusion and diversity. In this role she provides leadership for diversity education and has facilitated workshops on: Communicating Respectfully; Disability and Diversity; Diversity, Sports and Culture; Facilitating Conversations; Neurodiversity; and Women in Higher Education.

Alicia began her career at Virginia Tech in 1989 as the coordinator of student organizations. After working 10 years in student activities she moved to multicultural affairs as assistant to the vice president. She served in multiple capacities in a number of university offices focusing on issues of diversity and inclusion.

She is a trained facilitator for NetSpeed Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, $tart$mart, Mentors in Violence Prevention, and Intergroup Dialogues.

She earned her B.S. in Science and Technology Studies from Lyman Briggs School at Michigan State University and her M.A. in College and University Administration with a Health Promotion Cognate from Michigan State University.

Ms. Cohen will be with us in February to discuss our social identities.




Mr. Steve Matuszak – Pamplin College of Business

Steve MatuszakSteve Matuszak is the former executive director of CCTC, a Chicago Corporate Training Company.  He expanded CCTC’s reach internationally establishing teams in Los Angeles and Toronto servicing over 45 Fortune 500 Corporations, including GE, Ford, General Motors, McDonald’s, and Pepsico, along with hundreds of major, mid-sized and regional corporations, US Government and Military, and civic, university and non-profit clients.  Steve has designed, delivered, and evaluated trainings, seminars, panels, and keynotes for numerous national and international business and academic conferences. He specializes in consulting, researching, problem-solving, and training for organizational issues in numerous functional areas including management, strategy, leadership, business development, human resources management (training, staffing, workforce metrics & analytics, performance and talent management, training & development), organizational behavior (emotional intelligence, strengths, crucial conversations, effective team, etc.), and communication and marketing (public relations, stakeholder and external relations, crisis management, branding, and more).  He recently acquired advanced degrees from Virginia Tech to further his knowledge base, including M.A. in Organizational Communication, and M.S. Business Management – Human Resources Management focus.  He presently teaches for the Management Department in Pamplin at Virginia Tech as well as for the Dean’s Office as Business Communication Skills Coordinator.

Mr. Matuszak will be with us in April to continue our work on professional communication skills.

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