Past Award Winners.

Caught In The Act of Leadership

Each year the Business Leadership Center sponsors the “Caught in the Act of Leadership” award. This award is made to an undergraduate business student who has shown outstanding leadership and/or courage in a specific leadership situation.

Nominations are made by students, faculty, and staff members of the Pamplin College of Business. The annual nominations are solicited during the months of December and January, to be awarded at the annual Pamplin College of Business Spring Awards Banquet.

Caught In The Act of Leadership | Award Winners

John Holland

John Holland (’19)

Alexa Vergelli

Alexa Vergelli (’19)

Julia Cavallaro

Julia Cavallaro (’18)

Kevin Leinberger

Kevin Leinberger (’18)

David Barto

David Barto (’17)

Logan Williams

Logan Williams (’17)

Brett Langstaff (’16)

Christine H. Smith (’16)


Past Award Winners:

  • 2019 – John Holland, Finance and Management and Alexa Vergelli, Hospitality Tourism and Management
  • 2018 – Julia Cavallaro, Hospitality Tourism and Management and Kevin Leinberger, Business Information Technology and Russian
  • 2017 – David Barto, Finance and Logan Williams, Management
  • 2016 – Brett Langstaff, Business Information Technology, Christine Helene Smith, Finance, and Shannon Cabrey, Marketing Management
  • 2015 – Eleanor Nave, Marketing Management and Emily Good, Accounting and Finance
  • 2014 – Stefanie Mueller, Marketing and Haleigh Simonpietri, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • 2013 – Jordan Jacobson, Marketing and Christopher Tam, Economics and Finance
  • 2012 – Matthew G. Knight, Management and Kelly M. Tinsley, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • 2011 – Priya Berry, Marketing and Management
  • 2010 – James Zachary Helmintoller, ACIS
  • 2009 – Melinda Marcus, Management
  • 2008 – Brian Tajo, Business Information Technology
  • 2007 – Catherine Bolling, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • 2006 – Kimberly Bryan, Hospitality and Tourism Management and Marketing
  • 2005 – Elizabeth Morris, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • 2004 – David L. Hayes, Accounting
  • 2003 – David B. Cook, Management and Marketing and Michael Jakub, MBA
  • 2002 – Benjamin A Sady, Business Information Technology
  • 2001 – Jennifer E. Baskin, Accounting and Finance and Serena J. Loo, Marketing
  • 2000 – Jason E. Long, Accounting
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